With the unique gift of envisioning solutions to everyday complexities Vic Mamchych founded Post Latch
in 1998 with the concept of solving double door removable mullion frustrations.  Located in the
heart of Niagara, Post Latch serves customers in Canada and the United States.  

Vic, a veteran in the institutional hardware arena, experienced and witnessed the everyday frustrations
expressed by journeymen and users about the various methods used to secure removable mullions.  The
innovation and evolution of the Thumb Release eMullion has steadily re-established the removable mullion
with users, including contractors and maintenance personnel, as the strongest and most cost-effective
method to secure double doors.  

Always mindful of customer’s concerns and requests,
Post Latch acquired the Warnock Hersey certification
and now offers a full Fire-Rated product line in addition to the optional luminous safety strip that may assist
in building evacuations in the event of a light failure.  Post Latch provides an environmentally green product
that is aesthetically pleasing with no visible fasteners.

Our Mission

Standing apart from the rest - Post Latch Industries is a company that is sensitive to the concerns of its
customers, who include educational institutions, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.  Our objective is
to provide products that function consistently without the need of tools or keys, that are maintenance free,
efficient, and long lasting.  We pride ourselves in utilizing the most advanced technologies available for the
benefit of our customers while at the same time maintaining a customer focus and personal connection.
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