- Base Plates -
Post Latch Polymer Base Plates have been designed to be user friendly and trouble free.  Our Base Plates are
designed to precisely fit each post eliminating those annoying rattles that end users experience with other
mullion installation systems.  
These products are ideally suited for:
  •  Schools
  •  Universities
  •  Warehouses
  •  Entertainment Centres
  •  Where cost effectiveness and efficiency is a must!
Our Newest Generation Base Plate
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42-BP-P - Continuous improvement is paramount at Post Latch.  Through feedback
from end users we learned that in certain situations current industry Base Plates
are experiencing deterioration due to electrolysis between the mullion when
installed in:
•  High moisture environments
•  Areas where deicing or anti-icing products are used

Post Latch's engineering department took this challenge to the drawing board and
working with
DuPont Performance Polymers, a global leader in thermoplastics,
elastomers, finished parts and biopolymers to successfully develop an innovative
Base Plate solution that delivers:

•  Non-corrosive and non-conductive properties
•  High impact and strength
•  Long term durability  
Poly-Base PlateTM