- Lockable Latch Kit -
Post Latch Lockable Latch Kit has been designed to utilize the mullion’s internal structure to align itself and
the cylinder nut to automatically fasten the assembly in place.  We pride ourselves in providing the end user
with a product that has a consistent tool and maintenance free operation.  Designed to work with our
existing Thumb Release Housings the Lockable Kit can be installed and Thumb Release access hole covered
with the provided cover.  Our mullion will never fall out or rattle.
Individual Lock Kit

42-LK Lock Kit
solution delivers a strong stainless steel
construction for long term durability.  The single part
movement provides maintenance and trouble free
operation.  No fasteners or alignment is required.  Simply
install and assemble the latch mechanism and you are ready
to go!
Ideally suited for:
  •  Schools
  •  Service Entrances
  •  Entertainment Centres
  •  Where cost effectiveness and efficiency is a must!
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